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Meagan (Wisniewski) Pasquini, OTR, MOT

Meagan Wisniewski, OTR, MOT

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About Meagan (Wisniewski) Pasquini, OTR, MOT

My journey to becoming an occupational therapist began with volunteering at a summer camp for children with special needs. The joy from helping children participate in fun and meaningful activities was inspiring. I went on to study at The University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. In 2014, I achieved my Master of Occupational Therapy degree from Texas Woman’s University. (See bottom of page for more about Meagan)

Meagan's Certifications and Advanced Trainings:

· Certified DIRFloortime® Basic provider

· Handwriting Without Tears®

· Keyboarding Without Tears

· The Alert Program®

· SOS Approach to Feeding®

· Therapeutic Listening®

How Can Occupational Therapy Help Your Child?

Occupational Therapy helps children and adolescents improve participation with others and daily life skills such as:

· Self-Regulation/Behavior

· Engagement and Play Skills

· Fine Motor Skills and Strength

· Eye-Hand Coordination

· Visual Perceptual Skills

· Self-Care (Feeding, Dressing, Grooming, Toileting)

· Problem Solving and Flexible Thinking

· Motor Planning and Sequencing

· Bilateral Coordination

· Sensory Processing and Modulation

· Social Interaction Skills

· Postural Control

· Adaptive Equipment

· Activity Modification

Meagan: Occupational Therapist and Mom

After years of working as a pediatric occupational therapist, I learned to never underestimate the potential of a child. Playing on a child’s level, using creative activities, and forming relationships with families are keys to my approach. I’m passionate about helping children and families reach their goals, especially when it brings out celebratory dances.

I am born and raised in Houston, Texas. Outside of work, I can usually be found laughing with my husband or playing peek-a-boo with our new daughter. I love trying new foods, preferably when someone else is cooking. My hobbies also include leisurely calligraphy and craft projects.

Contact Meagan: Meagan@kidvancement.com

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